Healthy Opportunities Program

Lawrence County is one of two counties in Ohio that received CDC funding for obesity prevention efforts. The Healthy Opportunities Program in Lawrence County focuses on three health disparities related to food access, physical activity, and child obesity:

  • Produce Incentives for food and nutrtion secuirty - Implement produce incentatives and fruit and vegetable vouchers in Lawrence County, and promote healthy options in food service locations, concessions, and vending machines. Nutrition classes for all ages! Including parents!
  • Safe and accessible physical activity - Identify and increase the use of safe crosswalks, safe routes to school, safe and accessible options for healthy food purchase and consumption, and overall increased activity and green space in everyday locations/areas.
  • Connect produces and locally grown foods to early care providers - Implement Farm to ECE programs to highlight agriculture education and incorporate local foods grown right here in Lawrence County into everyday meals and snacks for youth. Programs for gardening in the classroom are available.

For more information, contact:                                                            Lawrence County FCS Educator, Zoie Clay (740) 533-4322.