Become A Lawrence County 4-H Member


1. Choose a 4-H Club, Need Help? Call our office at 740.533.4322

2. Create a profile by visiting Need help? View this video - How to Enroll In 4-Honline

Deadline to enroll in 4-H club membership eligible for Lawrence County Fair participation is March 15th, 2023.

Winning 4-H Plan 

Accommodations can be made for youth with disabilities through our Winning 4-H Plan. To make an accommodation request, complete the Winning 4-H Plan Request Form (link below) and send it to Winning 4-H Plan Request Form - two options:

Print and Write - print this form, handwrite your responses, then send
PDF Fillable - open this form, type your responses, then print and send

Across County Lines Membership

Youth are expected to affiliate with the 4-H program in their county of residence. However, in some circumstances, it is appropriate for a youth to participate in a county other than their county of residence. This can be done with the approval of the 4-H professionals in both the county of residence and the county of request. Once granted, the permission for membership across county lines shall be permanent and stable for the duration of the youth’s 4-H membership. If the youth’s circumstances change (e.g., residence, school, or custody), the cross county lines membership can be reevaluated. This privilege is extended only to those youth who maintain membership in good standing. To apply for Across County Lines Membership, review guidelines and procedures available on the form & complete the document: Across County Membership Form